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Nicolas Müller
P: Frode Sandbech

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Oktoberfest! 🍺
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Scott Stevens



American witchcraft

You fuckers had better reblog the Shit out of this!!!!!!! I’m serious as Fuck!



X-ray image of a pregnant cat with six kittens.

Yknow how sometimes life is just so cool you can’t even believe that things work

last but not least, we found our SNOWBOARD freestyle.champ 2014! @sventhorgren made it! what a show guys, you rock!!! 👏🎉 #fsz14 #FSZhappy20th #bigair #snowboard
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Freestyle CH results:
1. Sven Thorgren
2. Marcus Kleveland
3. Lucien Koch
Congrats boys!

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Danny Davis - Truckee, CA - 2012

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@markmcmorris: Nice to get back into the swing of things with @burtonsnowboard HighFives contest
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@SvenThorgren: No snowboarding for me today 😷😷😢
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On my way to the beach 🌊 #burntrailblazers #NewZealand Photo: @sventhorgren
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